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The Albertson Duo

Our Musical Background

The Albertson Duo is comprised of Sacramento-based husband and wife team, Megan and David Albertson. Between these two, there is over 20 years of experience in live performance, which they use as an ever-flowing source of inspiration.

Having met initially in vocal jazz classes in college, Megan and David realized immediately that they had similar passions for making the best possible music they could. Armed with this passion, they set forth through the rest of their college years, pursuing higher education, while still playing live as often as possible. By the time both of them graduated from Sacramento State, they had a full and diverse library of music influences to draw from. Performing shows that ranged from classical orchestra groups, to SAMMIES® award winning rock bands, they have become professional fixtures in their music community.

When forming The Albertson Duo, they were laser focused in the show they wanted to create. With Megan on vocals and David on acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin, ukulele and harmonica, they found a way to put their own unique touch on an ever-expanding list of covers. With Megan’s stellar vocal power and David’s innate ability to craft a special full band sound with all his instruments, they play everything from Amy Winehouse and Adele, to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Maroon 5. In addition, they round out their set with a diverse selection of pop and R&B hits, sure to please any crowd of any size.

Always comfortable in any live music setting, The Albertson Duo are very well suited to play any event and any stage necessary. They have natural charisma and showmanship that fits perfectly in any restaurant or bar setting, as well as a perfectly crafted set to suit weddings, private parties, and corporate events. With The Albertson Duo as your entertainment, you will never be disappointed.

-Stefan Adcock, Writer/Blogger, That Dude in the Corner

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